2015 – Back To Tehran

Azadi, Tehran
On January 20th 2015 I’ll fly to Tehran for the first of six language course which is 6 weeks. So this will be the first “live” blog.

Am 20. Januar fliege ich nach Teheran, um den ersten von sechs 6-wöchigen Sprachkursen zu absolvieren. Daher ist das der erste Blog, der nicht im Nachhinein, sondern “live” geführt wird.

2012 – Russia

My journey to Sweden via Eastern Europe (English)
Nach Schweden über Osteuropa und Russland (Deutsch)

Said in one sentence, I circled the Baltic Sea overland. Again by train I went from Berlin via Warsaw to Kyiv and Chernobyl. Then just north overland via Belarus, the Baltic through Russia to Nordkap in Norway. From there I hitch-hiked back to Berlin.

A short journey to Lofoten in winter

I had seen many beautiful pictures of the Lofoten Islands so I decided to go there at the end of February to see some Northern Lights.

2011 – Iran

My journey to Iran (English)
Meine Reise in den Iran (Deutsch)

I went from Berlin by train to Istanbul, travelled through Turkey by bus and train visiting Cappadocia and Pamukkale. In the very east, near Lake Van, I crossed the border entering Iran. There I went from the north to Persian Gulf and up to Caspian Sea. All by bus and train again.

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