2014 – Around Eastern USA in November – Plane, Bus, Hitchhiking

Around Eastern USA in November by plane, bus and of course hitchhiking – Only photos
Mit Bus, Flugzeug und Trampen durch den Osten der USA – Nur Fotos

The United States haven’t been on my bucket list so far. But then there were cheap flights and I thought it’s a good final for the crazy travel year 2014.

Die Vereinigten Staaten standen nicht wirklich oben auf der Liste der Länder, die ich gerne besuchen würde. Doch dann fand ich billige Flüge und fand, das ein Herumreisen dort im November ein guter Abschluss für das verrückte Reisejahr 2014 wäre.

2014 – Of Spanish life-style, Portugues snails and a ginger conspiracy

Iberian Peninsula by Auto-Stop (English)
Diesmal in Spanien/Portugal per Anhalter (Deutsch)

I haven’t been in the south western part of Europe so it was about time. On the way I stopped by at all the mini-states of Europe like Monaco. And of course there was the Redhead Day in Breda.

Short trips – Wochenendausflüge – Lost Places

Lost Places
Short (hitch-hiking) Trips within and around Germany, Photos
Wochenendausflüge (per Anhalter) in und um Deutschland, Fotos

Usually just some photos of (hitchhiking) week-end trips I made in or from Germany, sometimes with text.
Meistens nur Fotos von Kurzausflügen (per Anhalter) in oder um Deutschland.

2012 – Russia

My journey to Sweden via Eastern Europe (English)
Nach Schweden über Osteuropa und Russland (Deutsch)

Said in one sentence, I circled the Baltic Sea overland. Again by train I went from Berlin via Warsaw to Kyiv and Chernobyl. Then just north overland via Belarus, the Baltic through Russia to Nordkap in Norway. From there I hitch-hiked back to Berlin.

A short journey to Lofoten in winter

I had seen many beautiful pictures of the Lofoten Islands so I decided to go there at the end of February to see some Northern Lights.

2011 – Iran

My journey to Iran (English)
Meine Reise in den Iran (Deutsch)

I went from Berlin by train to Istanbul, travelled through Turkey by bus and train visiting Cappadocia and Pamukkale. In the very east, near Lake Van, I crossed the border entering Iran. There I went from the north to Persian Gulf and up to Caspian Sea. All by bus and train again.

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