2016 – It’s My Bike

By Bike From Berlin To … Just East (external link)
Mit dem Rad von Berlin nach … Osten (externer Link)


2015/16 – New Year in Russia

Back in Russia – Winter, Snow, Banya, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Hitchhiking @ -20°C – Only photos
Zurück in Russland – Winter, Schnee, Banja, Moskau, Nischni Novgorod, Trampen bei -20°C – Nur Bilder

2013 – Balkans

Around the Balkans only by Autostop (English)
Per Anhalter durch die Balkanstaaten (Deutsch)

A road trip from Berlin to Slovenia and via Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania to Greece. From there to Macedonia (FYROM), Kosovo and Serbia finally to Germany again.
All the way only by hitch-hiking receptively auto-stop.

2012 – Russia

My journey to Sweden via Eastern Europe (English)
Nach Schweden über Osteuropa und Russland (Deutsch)

Said in one sentence, I circled the Baltic Sea overland. Again by train I went from Berlin via Warsaw to Kyiv and Chernobyl. Then just north overland via Belarus, the Baltic through Russia to Nordkap in Norway. From there I hitch-hiked back to Berlin.

A short journey to Lofoten in winter

I had seen many beautiful pictures of the Lofoten Islands so I decided to go there at the end of February to see some Northern Lights.